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Sanjusangendo 三十三間堂

“Sanjusan” means “33” in Japanese and the name comes from the 33 bays between the pillars of the main hall.

In the main hall, the seated statue of the main Bosatsu can be seen in the center and is surrounded by 1,000 standing Bosatsu statues. In addition, there are also many statues of Guardian gods in front of the standings.

Almost all of the statues are so called “Senju Kannon” which means Bosatsu with 1,000 arms and the many arms are said to help many people in difficulty.




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“Senju Kannon” actually has 42 arms. The number “1,000” is just only symbolic, but it represents it makes it possible to help a lot of people.


The size : W120m x D22m x H16m

Sanjusangendo 三十三間堂

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Sanjusangendo Goshuin 三十三間堂 御朱印

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Sanjusangendo 三十三間堂

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