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What is Goshuin ? 御朱印とは…

Goshuin 苔寺西芳寺 御朱印

Goshuin was originally a certificate of which you copied Sutras by hand and dedicated it to a temple, but now we can get it as a certificate of worship/visit at temples and shrines.


278 characters of sutras: Hannya-Shingyo just for your reference.

Hannya-Singyo 般若心経


Manners to get Goshuin

As mentioned above, Goshuin is a certificate of worship/visit, therefore, first of all, you need to make a worship.


There are mainly 2 types of religious buildings, i.e., Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines w...

Then, you can go to the office and ask them “Hello! Goshuin, please !” If you’d like to say in Japanese, “Konnichiwa! Goshuin Onegaisimasu!”.

参拝後、授与所で「こんにちは! 御朱印お願いします!」と依頼。

While their writing, please keep quiet. Lastly, when you receive Goshuin, “Thank you very much !” You can say it in Japanese, “Arigatou Gozaimashita !” and make a bow.



Examples of Goshuin 御朱印サンプル

Recommendable Goshuin Notebook おススメ御朱印帳

Standard type: normally JPY300.-

Colorful Type: more or less JPY500.-

Larger Type: about JPY500-1,000.-

Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto(Kyoto,Uji and Otsu Cities) 世界文化遺産 古都京都の文化財 御朱印 #KokeDera #...

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